Dream Weekends are the ideal opportunity to have some well deserved 'me' time. Relaxing in an idyllic location you will feel rejuvenated as you consider your hopes and dreams. You will visualise your future.

What is a Dream Weekend?
The weekend event is entirely about you and your life. Dream Weekends are about being casual and comfortable, both with your dress and with yourself: we guarantee you that there will be no judging, no need to worry about what to wear or how you’ll fit in – you will.

What it’s not:
A weekend packed with self help ‘mumbo jumbo’ and tree hugging (although we do love trees). It is definitely not a drab event, and it is far from being boring.

What do Dream Weekends involve?
At a Dream Weekend, using tried and tested tools, those taking part will learn how to determine their own futures. The processes are enjoyable and fun and the end result will see you creating your very own dreamboard.

There are many self development courses available particularly aimed at women: however, this one is completely different. This weekend journey is about what you want from life and what you can offer to life itself - the whole you.

You will be relaxed and de-stressed both mentally and physically. You learn about the real you and gain new insights into your real self. Developing your dreamboard is an exciting experience and captures a joy and direction you may not have been aware of. You leave with a belief and an energy for your future and a passion to realise these newly emerged goals.

Who comes to these events?
Dream Weekends are intended as women only events, or they can be enjoyed with a partner. Those who attend are from all walks of life, are a wide range of ages and have many different experiences, but they come with one thing in common – a purpose to make the most of who they are, what they have and what they want.

What makes us the experts?
Our main tutor on these weekends is Eileen Auld MSCP, SRP. Eileen is a Chartered Physiotherapist who is also qualified in Clinical Aromatherapy, Reflextherapy, Bach Flowers, NLP, Nutrition, Pilates Tuition and Fascial Release. So in short – she is well qualified in many areas and her techniques are beneficial to the whole person.

A graduate of Robbins Research Mastery University, Eileen shares her enthusiasm for wellness and living life to the full wherever she goes. Her main goal for weekend Participants is to help them to take hold of their dreams and steer their lives in the direction they would like to travel.

Want to book or find out more?
To book a place in our next series of Dream Weekends or to find out more call us on 01475 675533
or email grainne@dream-weekend.co.uk

Gift Vouchers also available.

Dream Weekend - A weekend of new beginnings…

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